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Software Localization & testing

ALC can help you develop your software products strategically and make sure your general availability release is flawless, worldwide. We can synchronize our efforts with yours to help speed your time-to-market and lower costs. Working with ALC engineers and internationalization specialists, you can build your product with the proper cultural sensitivity to achieve end-user acceptance in any market, and ensure your customers have a seamless, locale-specific experience.

What we do in Software localization

We can provide a total solution in SW localization from original SW analysis to target SW testing and delivery. The whole process includes the following:

    • Localization Kit Review, Analysis and Preparation
    • Project Kick-Off Meeting
    • Subject Matter Training and Research
    • Glossary and Terminology Development
    • Cultural Correctness Assessment
    • Translation, Editing and Proofreading of User Interface, Help and Documentation Content
    • Localization of all graphics
    • Required dialog re-sizing
    • Completion of Screen captures
    • DTP of all documentation
    • Build
    • QA/Testing according to client's requirements
    • Client Review and Approval
    • Final QA
    • Project Delivery

Who is involved in a SW localization projects

A dedicated TEAM, consisting of a project manager, translators, editors, proofreaders, software engineers, multilingual desktop publishing specialists and QA testers, completes each project. All teams utilize ALC's self-developed Process Management Suite (PMS) to handle all aspects of Project Management and Quality Control.

Website Localization and Testing

If you want to penetrate international markets, a multilingual and culturally adaptable web presence is very critical. ALC can help you make the most of what you have and adapt your existing website for a more truly global presence. We can also work with you to keep your content up-to-date, all over the world.

What we do in Website localization

We can provide a total solution in website localization, from original website analysis to target website delivery. .

Website Localization and Testing is conducted in 3 phases:

Content Translation

Conducted by our dedicated TEAM consisting of a project manager, translators, editors, proofreaders, utilizing translation memory tools such as Trados, Catalyst or client specified translation memory tools.

Context Linguistic Testing

Linguistic QA/Testing after your website has been localized, review the software or website in context to check for any linguistic or cosmetic issues.

Websites can be QA/tested under client specified browsers and test scripts.

On-site Functionality Testing

This will be conducted after your website has been localized. We will verify whether your website works properly for your target users. Proper platforms, browsers and test scripts are used to simulate the expected experience of the target user.

What are ALC's advantages for such projects

    • Large pool of experts in SW & Website and language processing
    • Extensive project experience and seamless client communication
    • Depth of expertise in SW & Website localization
    • Guaranteed Quality under a strict QA system
    • Timely turnaround
    • Total solution rather than only translation; maintain extra consistency between SW & Website and related materials, both in style and terminology
    • Good records keeping for later retrieval
    • Guaranteed confidentiality

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