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Do you have an important meeting scheduled in Beijing, Shanghai, or some hot developing spots like Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Kunshan and other cities? Are you planning to give a marketing presentation to a group of potential clients in China? Not many of your Chinese counterparts are fluent in your language. Cultural misunderstandings can cause unnecessary offence, which may lead to unrecoverable losses in your business expansion to China.

ALC Interpretation service

As a professional language-service company, ALC has many of Accredited interpreters, and can provide an array of Interpretation services:

Simultaneous Interpretation

Oral translation of a speaker's words into another language while the speaker is speaking. The interpreter usually sits in a booth and uses audio equipment. ALC have contracted some licensed Simultaneous interpreters who have lots of on-site experiences.

Consecutive Interpretation

Oral translation of a speaker's words into another language when the speaker has finished speaking or pauses for interpreting. More formal than ad hoc Interpretation and used, for example in formal business meetings, for negotiations, training sessions or lectures. This is the service that ALC provides most frequently.

Informal (Ad hoc) Interpretation

Spoken translation between two languages in informal conversations between two or more people. Used, for example, in business meetings, for phone calls, during site visits and social events.

Business trip Interpretation

In order to make your business trips easier and less worrying, ALC provides personal interpreters and business guides, and will also help in booking air tickets or hotels.

How we go about it:

Instead of providing a pure Interpretation service, ALC focuses on your total communication solutions. We provide our services in some progressive steps:


We'll meet with you in advance to better learn the details of your requirements and let you know everything you need to pay attention when formally negotiating and/or showing presentation plans. This prep-session can take place on the phone or by email before you leave for China, at breakfast on the day of the meeting in China or any other time that is convenient for you.

On-site Interpretation

Our interpreters make sure that communications between you and your China counterparts go smoothly, and also bring your attention to nuances and body language.

If the meeting stretches on to a social event at a restaurant or other public location, we'll help you to ease into such a situation. Your knowledge and comfort with Chinese culture will impress your hosts.

Post feedback

After a meeting, we'll have a short meeting with you, give you our impressions and insights regarding the meeting, and suggest follow-up measures that will be most effective for you. If this is not possible due to time or space constraints, we'll make an appointment for another day and/or email you a full follow-up report.

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