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  1. Q: Why ALC?
  2. A: ALC is committed to the satisfaction of its clients. We strive to provide a one-stop shopping experience for you. Apart from translation and localization services, we can also assist in your transportation and accommodation needs in China. The following are some traits that distinguish us from others:
    • Our motto is "committed to your satisfaction". This is our undertaking to serve our clients faithfully, and pay attention to details.
    • Our comprehensive "Customer care system" helps to maintain high quality.
    • Our unique perspective is achieved via our core philosophy of "customer care and co-development through Alliance".
    • Team, Process, Philosophy, and Branding are the four pillars that support our proprietary model.
  3. We invite you to test our competence by sending us a short article (about 200 words) for translation. We are certain that we will not be asked to eat our words.

Please read our "Company">"Why ALC" menu for details.

  1. Q: How do I contact ALC?
  2. A: You can contact ALC by:
  3. Calling our headquarters at +86-10-8368-2169
  4. Sending an email to

  1. Q: Which languages does ALC offer?
  2. A: ALC mainly handles following language pairs:
  3. English into/from Simplified Chinese
  4. English into/from Traditional Chinese
  5. English into/from Japanese
  6. English into/from Korean
  7. English into/from Thai
  8. German into/from Simplified Chinese
  9. German into/from Traditional Chinese
  10. French into/from Simplified Chinese
  11. French into/from Traditional Chinese
  12. Russian into/from Simplified Chinese
  13. Russian into/from Traditional Chinese

We can also handle other languages. Please check the "Languages" menu for detail. If you are not sure whether we can assist in your language combination, please contact us.

  1. Q: How fast is your turn around?
  2. A: We are available for quick turn-around projects. We try our best to fit your time frame requirements, by burning the midnight oil if necessary.

  1. Q: What about your costs?
  2. A: We are very cost efficient. We reduce our costs by streamlining our process with improvement of our efficiency without sacrificing our quality.

  1. Q: Can ALC handle huge projects?
  2. A: Yes, ALC has following advantages in taking care of huge projects:
  3. ALC has a self-developed Process Management Suite (PMS) that integrates all our best practices in localization industry.
  4. ALC has a large pool of resources with high flexibility.

  1. Q: Can we reach ALC during your holiday?
  2. A: Yes, ALC will arrange resource at our holidays. All your requests coming from any time will be handled properly.

  1. Q: Will your work be culturally accurate?
  2. A: Yes, ALC has a large pool of local and foreign specialists; many of them are familiar with two or more cultures.

  1. Q: How can ALC ensure the service quality?
  2. A: Our super quality is based on:
  3. Our customer-oriented philosophy
  4. Select ALC team members
  5. Proven project process
  6. Years of experience
  7. Extensive knowledge base

  1. Q: What are ALC's industry focuses?
  2. A: We have accumulated comprehensive expertise in localization to following industries: Software & Hardware, Telecom, Automobile, Trade & Business, Mechanical, Chemical, Financial, Medical, and etc...
  3. Please check our "Industry" menu for details.

  1. Q: Does ALC have total solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises?
  2. A: Yes. For Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), ALC can offer customized total solutions to fit your needs of extending your business in regions that our business covers.

  1. Q: Do you have any plan if we want to do business in China?
  2. A: ALC has a subsidiary - InstantChina – to provide business and trade services to help you get business opportunities in Mainland China.

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