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ALC Perspective

In today's fast-changing business world, the basis of competition is evolving from a model of company vs. company competition to competition based on value chains. Thus, ALC's emphasis is placed on developing an alliance with our customers that emphasizes the value chain. This perspective distinguishes us from other companies in our business, and is important enough that we included "alliance" in our company's name.

ALC treats all of our clients as strategic partners, with the goal of helping you to get the maximum benefit from our services. But we hope to become more than just partners:

    • Think of ALC as part of your business strategy, not just as a partner.
    • Concentrate on developing your core competitive advantages while ALC takes care of your strategic translation and localization needs.
    • What is the difference between good service and poor service? A good service provider never loses sight of the "details", and that's especially important in the localization industry. ALC is dedicated to minding the "details" so that service quality never falters.

The ALC Model

ALC's strategy rests on the integration of four fundamental pillars: Team, Process, Philosophy, and Branding.

Team: ALC only hires team members who have a passion for providing service and who understand the importance of satisfying our clients by acting in accordance with ALC's and the client's goals.

Process: Our business process is the engine that produces value for our clients. ALC's approach to continuous process improvement begins with a thorough understanding of each customer's unique needs, and plays a pivotal role in how our business is conducted.

Philosophy: The centerpiece of our business philosophy involves delivering the maximum value to our clients. That means we aim to provide more quality, more convenience, and more service, all for prices that are more attractive than those offered by our competitors.

Branding: ALC understands that branding is a crucial success factor that can't be neglected if you hope to create a long-term competitive edge internationally. Thus, ALC will strive to establish our own brand by building a reputation for delivering the maximum value to our clients. To do so, we'll ensure that your brand is established quickly and maintained successfully.

These "four pillars" represent ALC's unique model: one that lets us satisfy each customer's needs. ALC will remain a trustworthy, valuable, and constructive partner for all of our clients.

Customer Care System

ALC has developed a unique customer-care system that is designed to maximize customer value and customer satisfaction. The system is constructed as follows:

This system is based on four key components: our process management, our team of specialists, our knowledge base, and our methodologies.

All four components are integrated seamlessly under ALC's customer-oriented framework, which lays the foundation for taking good care of our customers.

Your good experience begins with your first contact with ALC. Our pre-service care treats your enquiry carefully to reassure you of our ability to handle your work, and documents all relevant details of your needs before we go any further.

You will continue to be cared for during our entire relationship: you will receive prompt care during the work itself, post-service care after that initial service is finished, and long-term care to ensure that our future relationship continues to satisfy you.

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