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Some examples of client comments:

"We so appreciate your service, attitude, and on time delivery that we want to assure you receive proper recognition in our Vendor Database. We have issued you Positive Feedback for your assistance on this project! Thank you very, very much!!"


"Thank you for your prompt reply. I like the way you work, efficient and effective."


"Outstanding service! Prompt replies to tight turnarounds with major time zone differences. On time delivery with short notice. We found an issue that we did not extract text and needed additional translation done asap, and the vendor was a pleasure to work with to meet our deadline."


"When talking about tourism, simplified and traditional Chinese use similar expressions. However, when it comes to discussing technology, traditional Chinese has its own unique expressions that set it apart from simplified Chinese. This translation does an outstanding job of using these expressions."

"We are thoroughly pleased with the quality of the Chinese translations."


"Project managers at Alliance Localization China have been a pleasure to get to know and do business with. They are extremely prompt in responding to emails, often responding in the middle of the night their time, but also taking on jobs even when the office is on holiday. I offered them this TEP project to them again and they accepted the project during the Chinese New Year and delivered on time, despite their limited resources. We hit a small snag in the project when I realized some translations were a little goofed up because the client sent us a print spread, so the file prepped funny with the pages out of order and text cut off between pages. When I asked them to verify some translations, they had them tweaked overnight, keeping the project perfectly on schedule. I am thankful that Jordan recommended Alliance to me and I look forward to continuing to use them for future jobs!"

"Thank you so much--I am so impressed that you were able to have this taken care of over your holiday. I am really looking forward to working with you more in the future!!"


"I have enjoyed working with you so far, and have only received good feedback! Keep up the good work!"


"It's not very often, that a happy customer will write back to say you are doing a great job. However we had a global meeting this week, and the staff that received your translations said that they are the best they've seen in a long time, and wanted to pass along our thanks."

"So thank you for your great work and I'm looking forward to working with you on forthcoming projects. "


"The client gave your translations a very high rating. Fantastic work and thank you! Because of this, we will be receiving all of the Chinese eLearning modules going forward!"


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