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Our People

Technology and processes are important. But so are people. After all, it's our people that make ALC what it is.

We get the right people involved, not just available people

We depend on our people to survive and flourish. Having the right people in place is paramount for any organization. ALC people have long been recognized for doing whatever it takes to get the job well done. Offering more services to more clients only makes our people more dedicated than ever to make ALC as your optimal choice.

All your projects are taken care by industry experts with professional language skills

  1. ALC's service team consists of:
    • Experienced specialists in a range of high-tech industries
    • Each team member has one or more advanced academic degrees and professional          language skills
    • Experienced consultants who are native speakers from different countries

Our In-house Teams

ALC knows achieving total customer satisfaction relies on people's dedication, their innate creativity, their desire for connection, their ability to learn and develop, and their need to contribute to something beyond themselves. Thus ALC recruits and selects our team members very carefully.

  1. All of our in-house team members should be:
    • Those having extensive industry knowledge. Most of them are industry experts and             previously played very important roles in their own fields.
    • All of them must have strong bilingual, especially written, skills.
    • All of them must have certain level of computer knowledge and have extensive software         experience.
    • All of them must be willing to work hard to provide best service to ALC clients.

Contracted Freelancers

ALC also has a large pool of Contracted Freelancer team, which mainly consists of two kinds resources:

1. Those who work as freelancers for more than 5 years and have good reputation in this industry.

2. Those who are very knowledgeable in specific industries with which ALC is involved, and have professional language skills.

Our in-house proofreaders will carefully review all work done by freelancers before it goes into our QA and other processes.

Our Training System

At ALC, all employees are trained through ALC's proven Training System, because ALC knows our employees are our biggest investment and valuable assets. Thus ALC puts more emphasis on training. By doing so, ALC can ensure a higher level of employee satisfaction and productivity, while reducing recruiting and employee maintenance costs.

The following is ALC training system:

  1. Basically, There are three kinds of training at ALC:
    • 1. Basic training for new staff.
    • 2. On-job training for operation level staff.
    • 3. Advanced training for high-level staff.

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