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For Society

Payback to Society, Not only Stakeholders

Good businesses consider the benefits of stakeholders. They do their best to secure high returns to stockholders, provide good work environment to employees, and deliver best services to clients. We take this to next higher level by thinking beyond the boundaries of our company and clients. We encourage the value of paying back to the entire society. Despite our weaknesses, we can still contribute to our society and positively influence the globe at least to some extent.

Good Corporate Citizen

We are committed to fulfill public responsibilities and to serve the people worldwide. Fundamental to this commitment is the role we play as a responsible Global Corporate Citizen. We work to make a positive difference for the local community by getting everyone in our company involved. We play an active role in local sustainable development, and benefit the social, economic and environment conditions.

Charity Motives

We encourage our employees, freelancers and global partners to get involved in charity. We give donations during natural calamities such as earthquakes and floods. We help people in need with goodwill.

This concept is inculcated in the company culture. With such concept in mind, our employees working in one process try to provide convenience to employees in another process. Our unique culture facilitates ultimate output quality.

Rescue Globe, Protect Environment

A permanent solution eludes the environment protection issue. On one hand, environment pollution is getting worse and on the other, the lack of knowledge its importance stonewalls the solution. We believe the idea of protecting the environment and rescuing the globe must start from every individual. Everybody should take this responsibility to turn our globe green- full of love and cherishment, and unity.

Zero Wastage to Payback Society

We believe zero wastage policy is the simplest way to help the society. We encourage employees to conserve power, water, and paper and also save material that could be recycled. We are doing everything we can to contribute to our society.

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